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Master of Your Own Fate

Why should you join with us?

  • No cost online enrollment tools
  • Access to Office Space
  • Retail Location
  • Le​ad Program
  • T65 Leads
  • Marketing Support
  • In Field Training
  • Field level Commission which means more $$ for you.

The Right Agency for the Right Agent. 

In business for Yourself but Never by Yourself! 


Are you looking for a new career or new to the Medicare Insurance industry?

Did you know: Over 10,000 people a DAY are aging into Medicare. The majority will enroll in a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Policy.

Career Outlook

The need for insurance sales agents tends to increase with population growth and the growth of the overall economy. Employment of insurance agents grew 22 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is 8 percentage points faster than the national average for all jobs. 

Don’t wait to start! We are here to guide you through the process. Contact us HERE today and speak with our friendly broker manager to get started ASAP. Your success is our priority!

Join the Team 

We are eager to help you with your career. In addition to offering superior and competitive products, we provide the training, marketing, and sales support you will need to quickly jump start your career and lead you to the pathway to success. With us you will get:

  • Access to Office Space 
  • Dedicated Broker Manager
  • Online Step-by-Step Certification Training Guide
  • Co-Marketing Reimbursement
  • Pre-designed Marketing Materials
  • Exclusive Lead Program 
  • In Field Training 
  • High Level Commissions
  • Own your book of business
  • Retail Locations 
  • AEP/OEP and Lock In opportunities 
  • Dedicated Compliance Team 

  Turnkey Marketing Platform:

• FREE Contact Management System

•FREE Lead Management Tool

•FREE Quoting Tool

•FREE Electronic Enrollment Tool

 For more information on joining the TEAM:


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The information on this page and the pages linked to this page is intended for licensed agents only and not the general public. For detailed information please contact the office. 

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