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Health insurance is not designed to cover everything. 

Medicare, Private Health Insurance , Employer Health Insurance is not designed to cover everything. Now what? 

This is where ancillary products such as: Dental, Vision 

Supplemental Coverage: Short Term and Long Term Disability and other products that put money back into your packets come into play. 

What Does Ancillary Product Mean?

In a purely insurance context, ancillary products are also sometimes used to describe coverages that are not part of the primary plan such as optional coverages. Examples of ancillary care products in the health insurance context include: vision care, dental care, short-term medical, hearing care, etc. These are considered ancillary to the main health insurance coverage for accidents and sickness.

There are many examples of ancillary products in the business world. For example, if you are planning a move and you rent a moving truck from a moving company, they don’t just rent you the truck. They can also sell or rent you ancillary products related to your move such as boxes, bubble-wrap, packing tape, dollies, and other equipment that you might need along with your truck to complete the task at hand.

Individual and Group plans available:

Health, Dental, Vision, Short & Long Term Disability, Cancer, Accident and more 

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