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​Transportation. Let's get you rolling. 

The United States trucking industry is one of the largest revenue streams in the nation’s economy and is responsible for transporting 70 percent of all goods in the U.S. In 2022, the industry’s total revenue reached $791.7 billion. Aside from the transportation of goods, the trucking industry employs millions of workers, making up about six percent of the nation’s workforce. 

Without the trucking industry, our nation would not be the same, as it’s an essential industry that helps keep us afloat. Since the trucking and freight industry is such a lucrative source of income for the nation’s economy, a lot of businesses rely on it for their everyday operations. The industry represents more than half of the nation’s freight bill, and without it, our economy would suffer. For-hire carriers and private carriers make up most of the nation’s trucking companies

Commercial truck insurance is necessary for a variety of reasons:

For one, it’s required by law. 

It also protects drivers and owners in a loss of cargo situation, liability in an accident, or even during overhaul repairs if a rental truck is temporarily needed to continue operations.

Thank you for all you do!

Allow us to make sure you are properly insured. 

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